Dear Diary, Today I…

Let me start off by saying that computers are my worst nightmare, and that getting this website up has almost cost me my life (by my own hand) on several occasions. In my world, building a website is bad enough… Now add onto that a shit motel with the following features: disgusting bathtub (a real blow, since I began fantasizing about a soak 6 hours into my road trip), sheets with a charming cigarette burn (I got a smoking room so I could burn incense and I’m still not sold that it was the correct choice), thin ass walls with an insane person yelling at his yappy ass dogs at random intervals (generally, this was funny and gave me a laugh because he has a haggard voice and kept shouting “calm the fuck down,” sometimes without a bark to prompt him… It was less charming at 7 this morning though), and a heater with a backwards knob (resulting in me turning on the air while half asleep, then waking up so cold that I felt like I was getting the flu for the first hour of my day). Now that my lodging at the moment has been established, I’ll tell you a bit about how I ended up at the Super 8 in Tulsa, OK. Well kids, I’m on a comedy tour. It’s called the “Create Your Own Reality” tour, and the reality of the situation is that I’m basically only making gas money (when I am being paid), mostly doing guest spots, and using it as an excuse to hit the road. The first stop of my trip was Albuquerque, NM.



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