My spooky AF time in Tulsa, OK.

Before I get to the juicy stuff, the ghost story I chanced upon. I’ll start with how I manifested that situation, that’s right manifested, because I’m a witch motherfuckers… A good one, meaning I’m good at it. So, I woke up on Kristopher’s air mattress in Albuquerque, and decided I needed to pull a card from my new tarot deck before I tackled my drive. *Holy balls guys! I am still familiarizing myself with this deck and I couldn’t recall the card on my own, I was contemplating weather or not I should even bother going through the deck/book to find it when I decided I’d spend a minute or two looking. I shit you not, I opened the book right to the page that described the card (and it’s not like I broke the spine at that page or anything). These coincidences started really intensifying around October of last year. I’m getting used to them, but this clairvoyance/psychic awakening is almost annoying at times (especially when you’re trying to forget about something and the cosmos won’t let you) but little things like this really make me excited and happy. I mean, what are those odds? Let me check…1/122 if you include unnumbered pages. Can you tell that I’ve been in my motel room most of the day, and that I haven’t really spoken to anyone? Since this is basically just a stream of consciousness right now.* So, I pulled “Child of Wands: Seeker” the book interpretation is as follows:

“You are a seeker, symbolized by your wands, the walking stick and arrows you use to hunt down the truth. Like the meditator, seek to know who you are; and as a journeyer, seek to understand where you have come from and where you are going. Be a student seeking to learn the whys and hows of life. Like the child, employ your natural animal-like perceptual abilities to find the truth. Really look (deer), hear (rabbit), feel (whiskers), smell (mouse), and taste (wolf) life. Through this direct sensory experiencing, you know life. Like the animal, trust your instincts. Listen to what your senses have to say.”

That card gave me the extra nudge to be more impulsive than usual, which I was kind of planning on anyway. My next gig isn’t until Louisville, KY and I had time to burn between states. The initial plan was to go to this dinosaur museum off the side of the road, but that didn’t pan out because it was closed… So all I accomplished there was making a Paula Abdul video for my Instagram account. Continuing my drive, I put my contact lens into my third eye. Some pretty mind blowing stuff went on with people’s license plates, what my clock said, and the timing in which they appeared. For instance, I declared to the cosmos what signals I would look for if a cop was near me (my windshield is cracked and it got me pulled over on my way out of AZ, so I figured it was a good call). All signs pointed that I should get off the road, I needed to stretch my legs anyway, so I did. Within two minutes of getting off the highway I saw a cop get on the highway headed in the same direction I was driving. Honestly, this type of shit has become so commonplace that I’ve started taking pictures when they happen, so I can remind myself later that I have proof and am not batshit crazy (I haven’t decided if it’s made me more or less sane yet). As I neared Oklahoma City (where I originally planned on stopping for the night) the moon was so big and bright and beautiful (and it was the 13th, which usually makes me want to do something spooky) that I had to keep driving. I did stop in OKC to pee, and decided that when I got to Tulsa I would try to find a haunted hotel to stay in. When I got to Tulsa, I kind of just drove my way into town with no real sense of direction. I impulsively took a left and ended up getting stuck at a train. As I waited for the freight to pass I looked out my passenger window and saw a bunch of smoke billowing from some building (smoke means there’s a message to look out for). In my mind, this meant that I was going to find my hotel soon, because I was on a fucking ghost mission. I decided to pull over to try and figure it out and ended up in front of some bar. THIS IS WHERE IT GETS GOOD! I was googling haunted places, but couldn’t really find anything on hotels in Tulsa. I was getting frustrated with the situation and decided that a drink would be a nice thing to have while I assessed my lodging situation. There was a nagging voice reminding me that my plan was to get a room, work on my website, and begin my blog. I literally decided against going in twice, gazing from the bar window to my phone in a serious moment of conflict. I remembered my card from that day and internally said “fuck it.” I entered the bar (which was awesome and punk rock as fuck BTW) and had a seat. The most adorable woman was tending bar, and it was just her and I. I took a seat towards the middle of the bar, but she beckoned me to the end where there was a heater, because it was cold in there. I took in my surroundings and told her what I just told you, that the bar was awesome. She said “Thanks!” which led to me learning that she and her husband were the owners and they would be shutting it down at the end of the month. She explained that her daughter was off to college in a year, and that she wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. Apparently, the entire row of buildings on that street had been bought out by a developer. I asked her if there were any other bars like it in the area, but she said there weren’t (I assumed I ended up there because it was a really cool bar and it was about to die, I was looking for a good ghost story, plus the music was on point.) She apologized profusely because she’d had the gas shut off, explaining that it is only utilized for heat and it had been so warm lately, she assumed it wouldn’t be an issue. I thought it provided a nice ambiance though, the heater kept me nice and toasty and we were both huddled near it like a campfire. I asked her if she knew of any haunted hotels in the area but she didn’t have too much advice to offer on that matter (which is the normal response to that question). It did however, open the door for an amazing conversation. She started to tell me about the bar, and her ghost experience, which recalling just gave me the chills. I took notes on the back of my receipt, because my notebook was in my car and it was that good. First off, a little history on the building: built in the 1920’s, it used to be a market place and storage space with strong ties to the railroad. The previous owner of the bar was murdered, yeah, murked. Apparently, one evening there was a belligerent homeless gentleman in the bar. He did something really out of control, so the owner chased him out of the bar and down the street a bit. This resulted in his demise, he was bludgeoned with a pipe (and I believe a brick) by the man he chased and one of his homeless buddies. The woman I was speaking with (we will call her Drew, because she reminded me of Drew Barrymore) took over the bar shortly after. I cannot stress enough how adorable Drew was… “One evening, on a night much like tonight” she began her story, making a creepy gesture with her hands. So, on said evening she, her husband, and their friend were hanging out at the bar, just the three of them. Her husband excused himself to use the bathroom, which she could see clearly from where she was sitting. She showed me where she was, and it checks out, you can totes see the bathroom from that spot. She was sitting with her pal, and saw her man walk out of the bathroom, towards and past her. She leaned back and looked to her right (from where he was approaching) and said “heyyyy” in a sweet little voice, he passed her and she looked to her left, seeing no one. He walked out of the bathroom about thirty seconds later and she was like “I JUST saw you walk out of the bathroom!” Drew proceeded to tell me that she experiences weird smells at random, like the scent of a man’s BO (I won’t lie this made me a little concerned about my own smell, because I’d been driving all day and I only use natural deodorant and essential oils, but hold on to the detail of phantom smells). There was also an instance in which she was sending a group text to her bartenders, and she felt her husband standing behind her, reading the message. She got a little salty because she felt like he was being nosey, but when she turned to scold him, she was alone and he was outside. On top of this, she said she often feels someone poking her on the back and that she knows there’s the presence of a man at that bar. That was the extent of that ghost story, and the only time she’d seen an actual apparition. It was not, her only experience though. She began to tell me that she doesn’t like to discuss these things because her mother is a medium and she’s not sure if she’s sold on it, and because she’s had another strange occurance that hit closer to home. She prologued the story by telling me how she had a great relationship with her grandparents, specifically her grandfather, and that when she was younger she’d often ask him to come back to her as a ghost after he passed. Pass away he did, and on the day of his funeral she was at her grandmother’s house getting ready for his burial. She was in one of the bedrooms of the house and kept hearing a sound coming from the closet. She opened the door to said closet, which was filled with toys. On top of this toy pile there was a “spin and say” which was emitting a static noise. She asked out loud “Grandpa?” and the toy (which was completely unprovoked) said “Goodbye,” and the noise stopped. At this point of the evening we began to smell cigarette smoke (the bar is non smoking and we were the ONLY ones in there, plus it was cold so the place was shut up tight.) She also mentioned that the juke box usually only displays one color and is pretty dim, but that on this night it was glowing extra bright and the colors were changing in a way that she hadn’t seen in a very long time. There was definitely some sort of electricity in the air, it was great. Our ghostly vibe was interrupted by some hooligan girl, who walked by all shitfaced and kicked the windows (which scared the shit out of me). Drew gave me the cutest side glance and said “watch this!” She made a beeline for the door and started yelling at the girl, then loudly pretended to call the police… So, you know, that part was hilarious. We talked a little more about her family, her daughter is looking at colleges right now and wants to go to school in LA for photography. Drew said she and her husband might follow her, I really hope she gets in so we can be friends in LA. She also told me a story about how her husband dressed up as a ghost once when they went on an unsuccessful ghost hunt. He got really creative with a hotel sheet, and washcloth which he balled up and dropped behind himself (like it was ghost poop). It made me laugh and smile, especially because I’ve convinced myself that even though my next husband is alive right now, his ghost totally learned how to time travel, because that motherfucker leaves me signs all over the place… it’s fucking annoying at times. I went into the bathroom with that thought, and saw an especially irritating piece of graffiti in my stall (his ghost has a special affinity for leaving me mind blowing messages in bathrooms, when they’re completely uncalled for and unprovoked… his ghost is a dick). I took a picture for proof because it was like, woah, way out of control, my closest confidants agreed when I texted it to them. I’m not going to post it, because in the event that he read this, I would feel slightly humiliated. I will however post a picture of the other piece of graffiti that resonated with me (combined the two pieces made up the whole of bathroom vandalism). Oh yeah! When I went to take a picture of the humiliation graffiti, I had to restart my camera app like 3 times because it kept freezing and not taking the picture. I even walked out of the bathroom in defeat, then excused myself saying I needed to take a picture of it. Drew replied with “I keep meaning to wash that off, I just haven’t done it yet.” Also, when I was rereading this I read “Oh yeah!” at the exact same time Lana Del Ray said “Oh yeah!” in this song I’m listening to right now (“Now my life is sweet like cinnamon, like the fucking dream I’m living in”). This trip has been a bit overstimulating at times with all the clairvoyance, but I guess that’s one of the reasons one decides to take a long ass road trip by themselves, gaining perspective and all that. At least I’ve made it to the point where psychic hangovers happen less. Anyway, that’ll do it for the psychic, ghost, time traveling ghost stories. I must attempt slumber, I have no concept of time and I keep forgetting that the clock on this computer is off by two hours (I also thought it was Wednesday for more than half of today) I make my way to Louisville tomorrow, where I will see my very good friend from my days in San Francisco. Also, my big brother Jason and his fiance will be there, which was a fun surprise. I did pull “Chance” from my tarot deck on the day Chyppe randomly prompted me with this gig, so you know, everything for a reason and all that. If you have a good ghost story you should message me, or leave it in the comments section! I will leave you with this one last detail that’s been living in the pit of my stomach. This morning, when recalling the events of last night, I remembered that when I was trying to decide if I should go into that bar or not, I looked into the window twice. The second time, I saw Drew, the first time I looked… I saw a man, SWEAR TO YOU!




2 thoughts on “My spooky AF time in Tulsa, OK.

  1. I enjoyed your story and I can identify with much of it . I felt the need to leave a comment because “drew” is my daughter. thank you for being so nice and visiting with her. I wish you every success on your journey.


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