IMG_6635 (2)This bi-weekly class held at “The Crooked Path” in Burbank, follows the cycles of the moon, taking an astrological approach toward spell-casting and preparing for ritual. During each meeting, we will discuss how the cosmic atmosphere is affecting the collective and you personally (this is basically a mini astrological reading, so bring your natal chart). Once we’ve determined how the moon’s energy is hitting your chart, we will discuss how to harness the energy of the universe towards a specific goal. In addition to exploring astrology, we will touch up on any major pagan holiday’s coming up and how to incorporate the two. Once the lecture is complete, class will wrap with a meditation or ritual to reflect the day’s discussion and aid your magickal/psychic development.

Please bring your natal chart to class, if you don’t have access to a printer or are unsure of how to obtain this please email for assistance.

This class is led by Renée Watt who works as a psychic at The Crooked Path… it is not uncommon for her to receive messages during instruction- so be prepared to learn and possibly hear from your guides!


If you’d like to arrange for private witchy tutoring in: Essential oils, tarot, Witchcraft, candle magick, energy work, chakras, crystals, or mediumship, please contact me directly at