My six part course on Psychic Development & Intuition begins January 29th and will meet every other Monday. Spots are filling up quickly, so I recommend signing up in advance at or in person at the shop.


Psychic Development & Intuition

This six part course will take seekers through various modalities of psychic ability. Classes will explore different ways one can harness their intuition towards predicting outcomes and achieving goals.

Class 1: 1/29

Empath’s Workshop

Identifying what it means to be an empath and determine if you have empathic abilities. Seekers will discuss their empathic experiences and gain insight on how to leverage these gifts towards clairvoyance and other psychic phenomena. Class discussion will also go over the basics of psychic defense (an important tool in every empath’s belt), meditation (to strengthen and control sensitivity toward other’s emotions), cutting chords with toxic energetic entanglements, and how to channel what others are feeling.

Class 2: 2/12

Spirit Guides and passed loved ones

Seekers will gain insight on what exactly a spirit guide is, and how to work with them. Instruction on how to establish communication through meditation, numerology and symbolism will be discussed. In addition we will look at the ways guides try to reach us. The most important part of class? Learning how to work with them, so we can achieve our goals!

Class 3: 2/26

Chakra/Crystal Meditation

Seekers will learn the 7 basic chakra points, and what their purpose is. This class will teach you how to check in with your chi in a methodical way, and help you identify your emotional state through chakra resonance. We will also discuss working with crystals to strengthen, balance, and activate specific chakras to reflect personal goals. Seekers will also learn how to harness chakra techniques to project a specific energy in social and business situations.

Class 4: 3/12

Dream Work and Astral Projection

We will discuss how dreams parallel our waking lives and how to look for prophetic messages after we’ve awakened. Steps that can be taken to increase dream retention. Methods for preparing the  subconscious to receive messages through the astral plane. We will also look at astral projection and techniques used to dream while awake.

Class 5: 3/26

Psychic Senses

Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairalience, Clairgustance. Seekers will learn the different forms of psychic abilities, and how they manifest. Examples of how these gifts may appear in our own lives, and how to strengthen them. It’s a whole lotta info, and a ton of fun!

Class 6: 4/9

Shadow Work

Seekers will learn the general concept of shadow working. We will explore what it means to accept the darker parts of ourselves. Class discussion will also involve working with our darkness through meditative practices and ritual.