How men screen women at the beginning of a relationship

How men screen women at the beginning of a relationship


Lets observe 6 ways men use to expose the girl.

The love is great feeling. It was sung by poets, writers, artists and sculptors. The love inspired them on creation of unsurpassed masterpieces of literature, painting and a sculpture.

Here, for example, as the famous poet of Renaissance Petrarch describes the loved Laura: among thousands of women only one was, me heart struck invisibly. She to be compared only to shape of the good seraph by beauty.

The love did feelings sublime and fine. At this moment nobody noticed any shortcomings or the hidden motives at a subject of the passion. What a difference modern man, they too quite often speak about love, but at them everything is not so simple, women, according to them, constantly try to deceive, to hide something etc. Generally, first try, then trust …

Things are changing, and together with them and people. And if before the man were ready for the sake of the great lady to make feats and to make a sacrifice, then modern representatives of a strong half of mankind still will think and whether this lady is worth it that for the sake of her though to do something.

    People became far more prudent and more cynical in the manifestations. Probably, the cause is the consumer society in which all of us exist in it practically everything can be bought or to sell.

Moral values are indistinct, and beautiful words cover not really beautiful acts. Probably, therefore the dirty trick and attempts to use them from women seem to some especially gifted (hypochondriac) men everywhere. What here the love when at first it is necessary to check thoroughly this object of inclination – whether can be trusted it in general.

1. Check on fidelity

One of favorite ways of men which already became the victims of unfaithfulness from women is a check on fidelity. There are several options of such checks: messages in social networks from men’s accounts unknown to the lady will meet the offer, departure to a passion subject on the house of gifts and colors from unknown gentlemen. Some reach that send gentlemen for acquaintance. The female persons who did not undergo testing answered the compliments in social networks which accepted flowers and agreed to acquaintance immediately are rejected and indulge in an anathema.

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2. Check on commercialism

One more popular check is a testing for commercialism. More and more men resort to her today. Testing is held in the constant mode in different variations.

  1.  No. 1 is observation: the man watches closely the ladylove at restaurants, on walks, in coffee shops and shops, analyzes that ordered as far as it is expensive whether she wants to shake out more money then draws the corresponding conclusions whether it is worth communicating with her.
  2. Pretends to be needy: the classical scenario from the movie about the Cinderella when the prince charming pretended that it the beggar, and wanted it to be loved for just like that. If the girl maintains everything, she put a bonus – a hand and the prince charming heart.
  3. Empty promises: the man tells how he well-founded and successful, promises to bring there and here, to present that and it, and again fixedly watches reaction. Was delighted, eyes lit up – everything, mercantile.

3. Check on sympathy

The man narrates to you about how he difficult is to him, and waits that you offer the help. The rating is headed, of course, a story about financial problems which you have to endure, restrain stoically together with it yourself in interests, from some ladies wait for material investments. On the second place – household adversities which are actively shifted to brittle female shoulders, on the third if carries, problems with health.

4. Check of personal borders

There is such category of men which likes to probe personal borders. Checks can look as desire to offend, offend, be late inadvertently for a meeting or in general to transfer her, to promise something and not to make, save on you. Making such unseemly act, the man waits for response to understand whether it is possible further to continue to become impudent or after all there are borders of admissible. Reaction has to follow each similar situation. If to close eyes to such acts, then then, after a while, you should not ask a question why the man with you is not considered, does not respect you and does not love.

5. Check of sympathy

This test is carried out usually at the very beginning of acquaintance, but there are characters who resort to similar corrective actions on mentality later. The test is in for some time to drop out of sight the darling, having left her alone with experiences: what I made not so what it could take offense at. Then are written in the wild number of the message and are left voice which once again prove to the man that he is loved. There is such check which reminds manipulation more and at the same time amuses his vanity.

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6. Check on economy

If the man became interested in your person so that he thinks of cohabitation, then not to do without check of your economy. And here the imagination of men in literal sense is in full swing: the torn-off buttons, dirty ware, dirty floors in his house, visits checks to you home are used to understand as far as you are clean, constant complaints that it is necessary to wash something and to wash, and to make it there is nobody: it has a work, he is not in time. Generally, the man waits that you will come and settle everything because such is your purpose is to bring order to the house.