How to find ideal couple by zodiac sign

How to find ideal couple by zodiac sign

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We choose the soulmate, leaning on a compatibility by horoscope.

You sometime thought of what zodiac sign is most compatible to yours? Always there is a wish to know whether any given couple is noted by destiny, or it is splash in emotions which will die away by the end of night. Between two people, whether it be friendship or love, exists close connection in the astral plan which submits to precise rules of mutual inclination.

What does it mean? It means that it is very difficult to fall in love with someone for that simple reason, all meetings in our life are not casual. Besides classical zodiac signs separation, it is necessary to consider also elements to which they belong – the earth, water, air and fire. Each elements allocate zodiac sign with unique lines which determine its character and relationship with others by elements. Whether you are ready to go to this fascinating travel on search of the ideal astral partner?


On March 21 – April 20

The Aries is very strong and vigorous, impulsive and impatient fiery sign: he often acts thoughtlessly, risking and throwing down challenges to destiny. The Aries needs adrenaline, and the easiest way it to receive – to do extreme sports.

The Aries is in space balance with the sign of the Taurus, and with Scales there is a perfect alchemy. It is well compatible to Fishes too, but without special spark.


On April 21 – May 21

Been born under the sign of the Taurus – purposeful and persistent, obsessed with jealousy. This thirst of possession, including also material benefits, leads to the fact that the Taurus can become the ideal family man.

Together with the Aries there is a space balance. With Scales and the Maiden can also create the successful union.


On May 22 – June 21

Twins are rebels, they do not suffer restrictions, like to travel and have insuperable thirst for knowledge. However sometimes they are unreliable because of the wisdom and sharpness.

With Lev at this sign very strong attraction, but also with the Sagittarius has much in common.

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On June 22 – July 22

It is the first watermark of the zodiac which is especially tied to the past. In difficult situations he tends to hide in a sink. But he never recedes, when it comes to protection of family.

Cancer and the Taurus – a fine combination, but also with signs of the Leo and Pisces is established ideal mutual understanding.


On July 23 – August 23

Several flatter words and arrangements – and Leo. Very vain, but kind, generous and true, helps in all sincerity and waits for nothing in exchange. A lion the most elegant sign with excellent taste.

It is perfectly combined together with Scales, but reaches perfection in the union with the Scorpion who attracts it sexually.


On August 24 – September 23

The unselfishness which leads to the fact that this sign never recedes if the friend or the partner need the help is characteristic of the Maiden. The maiden is able to sacrifice herself, it is more mentally, than physically.

With Taurus’s there is an excellent chance to create couple, probably, with Libra the quite good union will turn out, but with Aquarius it finds the maximum compensation.


On September 24 – October 22

Libras pursues only one aim – to create the harmonious union, without looking for anything in exchange. Scales are reserved, but love that they were appreciated and admired them.

Libras create successful couple with the Taurus, still quite good chances to start a family with Lions and Sagittarius’s are also ideal in the union with Twins.


On October 23 – November 22

The charming Scorpion adores being the focus of attention. The wit it maintains interest in the person, but from time to time will wound the causticity.

With the Sagittarius – the optimum union. Ardent passion with Lev. But with Cancer the Scorpion feels in couple.


On November 23 – December 21

The Sagittarius bewitches the unbridled passion to adventures which never ceases. And in most cases, he achieves the objectives with excellent results.

With the Aries it makes fine couple, both in love, and in friendship. With Twins he manages to establish almost ideal relation. The improbable alchemy arises with Leo, also the Sagittarius makes quite good couple with Aquarius.

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On December 22 – January 19

The timid Capricorn is an introvert. But it tender and true, it completely gives itself(himself) to the partner. Always it is possible to count on the Capricorn.

Contrasts are attracted therefore with Leo an interesting combination. Capricorns create quite good couples with Sagittarius’s and with Capricorns.


On January 20 – February 19

The Aquarius – the most intellectual zodiac sign. He is freedom-loving, creative and unpredictable. His mood changes from euphoria to apathy, depending on the ideas and projects and at what stage they are.

It is good together with Cancer, but also with the Sagittarius has much in common. With Aquarius it forms the most powerful union of two equal signs in all zodiac.


On February 20 – March 20

Shy Pisces, generous, but constantly are subjected to tests by negative vital circumstances. Pisces are able to appreciate all the positive lines and they leave excellent leaders.

With the Aries Pisces form a very strong couple. But also, to Cancers show all the tenderness and sexuality.