Takes everything personally: top-5 the most sensitive zodiac signs

Takes everything personally: top-5 the most sensitive zodiac signs

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There are those someone inadequately react to criticism: at once shed tears or become personal. The sensitivity is peculiar to some zodiac signs more, than the rest.

All zodiac signs have unique characteristics, and there are common features with small group of other signs. In this article we will consider the most sensitive zodiac signs: it is necessary to joke at their presence accurately because they can take everything personally and any more never talk to you. The people born under these signs can be very quick-tempered and quarrelsome. Even the involuntary criticism, a remark or observation in improper time can tread on their corns. At the heart of all of them offenses – thin sensitivity.


The most sensitive sign. Given rise under the constellation of Cancer are irritable and sensitive. It leads them to strong sufferings because of any incorrectly apprehended word. Cancer misses nothing and if takes offense, then begins to react and not to talk until the offender does not speak. He will take offense even if you did not intend to blacken it. Usually, Cancer suffers silently and becomes despondent, but can sometimes give also the real answer, offending the offender.


On the second place – Pisces. The people who were born between the end of February and the middle of March are especially susceptible to criticism and very strongly suffer from it. With Pisces it is necessary to be attentive and to weigh each word. Their sensitivity is expressed by tears: the more they are offended, the it is more than tears. At the same time, they quickly forgive the offender, the main thing that he expressed a regret. People of this sign seldom go to direct approach, but be not surprised if they suddenly disappear from your life. If it happened – there is a reason, remember the last criticism in their address.


The scorpion usually reacts to criticism the attack. Unlike other, more sensitive zodiac signs, the Scorpion does not become reserved and does not shed to no purpose tears. The scorpion goes to counterattack – he offends and criticizes very sharply, is even excessively hypertrophied. Actually, the Scorpion at first suffers, and then he explodes, and the unexpected reaction can nonplus you. If you appeared in a fight with the Scorpion, you have to know that he felt offended still yesterday or the day before yesterday, or even last week, but speaks about it just now. Therefore, look for the reason of his attacks in the past.

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The Leo – sensitive sign, but he very much tries to accept criticism and is even proud of the fact that he tries. But as a result, reacts the attack. In quarrels always the last word remains for Lev. What to do? Never to argue with Lev, especially if he is dear to you. Constructive criticism is possible, but pay attention to ways: do not force it to feel attacked and do not touch his pride. Otherwise, he will become quarrelsome and irritable and will begin to look for appreciation in another place.


Reaction of the Aries to offense is usually impulsive, he does it instinctively. In case of attack, he will not begin to lick the wounds, and will answer very sharply what he will regret in the future about. If you the Aries, to your advice – properly think and count to ten before telling something (even if you are very angry and disappointed). Well, and if you argue with someone, given rise under the sign of the Aries, you have to be careful: do not offend him, otherwise will not seem to you a little!