What zodiac signs attract each other

What zodiac signs attract each other

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Extremely pulls them to each other, but their parting is inevitable. Between them there are insuperable passions and love which follow in the difficult relations which are coming to an end with quarrels and tears.

Aquarius and Cancer

Two magnets: Aquarius and Cancer. The Aquarius the cold and detached relation dements Cancer and finally suppresses him. Their communication is toxic because of different approaches to a relationship and life. The Aquarius will never be able to receive freedom from the partner and at the same time he will never be able to force to feel Cancer in safety in this relationship, indulging the deep need for love.

Cancer and Libra

Coquettish and attractive Libras at first sight submit Cancer which constantly needs support. Their romantic relationship, fascinating and magic, but … they do not last long! Actually, Cancer and Libra differently endure a sentimental relationship: Cancer very much tries to express the feelings, but often it seems cold, and Scales are always open for a new relationship. These distinctions inevitably exhaust a relationship.

Aries and Taurus

Among the worst couples the Aries and the Taurus rank third. The Aries – the independent sign even in love, and the congenital need for care and family is inherent in the Taurus. Their elements, Fire and Earth, are incompatible. Often their communication arises because of very strong inclination, but always comes to an end badly.

Pisces and Gemini

Pisces and Gemini are incredibly similar at each other: they are constrained and cheerful. It is no wonder what pulls them to each other. But to resemble does not mean to be together. Actually, Pisces smother the Gemini dreaming of personal space. The beginning will be cheerful and filled with passion, but later the situation will worsen and all will end with farewell.

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Leo and Scorpion

Always pulls a lion to the Scorpion because the Scorpion is shrouded in aura of mystery, it is the unrestrained and brave sign. The leo does not feel confident in this relationship, he tries to understand and decipher in all ways the Scorpion who in terms of emotions is incomprehensible. The love in this couple turns into continuous fight. Both signs will control a relationship, to enter the conflict because of everything, will not say goodbye yet.

Aries and Scorpion

Ardent and passionate, they often attract each other in the sexual plan. Between the Aries and the Scorpion fine emotions in the bedroom, but everyday real life is constant disagreements. For this reason of the relation come to naught because of unresolved problems.